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Bat Mitzvah Fashion Sketches

Fashion Sketches from a recent Bat Mitzvah!Bat MItzvah Fashion SketchGroup Fashion Sketch

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Bar Mitzvah Live Painting

As we are heading towards Bar/Bat Mitzvah season, we thought we’d feature a unique NYSketches Bar Mitzvah event.  The Bar Mitzvah painted below was held at Studio Square loft space in Long Island City.  The room was lit with richly colored lights against the NYC skyline emerging through the windows. .  A NYSKetches live event painter set up an easel and painted for the duration of your event.  Guests watched as the painting came to life, and the host family kept a beautiful painting to hang in their home afterwards.  live barmitzvah event painting

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Airbrush Bat Mitzvah

NYSketches airbrush artists painted the night away at a a bat mitzvah at the NYSketches’ Norwalk Maritime Aquarium last weekend.  Here are some samples of the t-shirts:

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Hip Hop Bat Mitzvah

NYSketches recently airbrushed a bunch of hoodies for a teen’s Bat Mitzvah in Mt. Kisko.  For this event, we created a custom stencil of hip hop dancers to match the bat mitzvah girl’s theme.  We painted custom names on the front and the stencil on the back of each shirt.  Here are some pics: 

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Caricatures on T-Shirts at a Bat Mitzvah

Communion and Bar/Bat mitzvah season is here!  Here are some samples of NYSketches’ caricatures on tshirts at a recent Bat Mitzvah in Westchester.

Bat Mitzvah girl with her caricature tee

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Live Wedding Painting

Hot off the easel, here is a peak at a new NYSketches offering:  LIVE WEDDING PAINTINGS!  ‘A la Toulouse Lautrec, I’ll paint the night away!  I come to your wedding with easel and canvas and capture the spirit of the evening with my paintbrush.

'Summer Wedding Night', Acrylic on Canvas

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‘Empire State of Mind’ – Airbrush party favors at a Sweet Sixteen

NYSketches recently provided airbrush artists at a Sweet Sixteen bash in NYC.  Here are some photos of the Manhattan Skyline designed shirts:

Sweet 16 Airbrush Hoodie

NYC Skyline tshirt

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Caricatures at Bat Mitzvah in NYC

On Saturday, NYSketches provided a caricature artist at a bat mitzvah at Bridgewaters at South Street Seaport in New York City.  The event was very tasteful, with a band playing rock & blue tunes, as well as the required Hava- Nagila.  The host also set up unique activity stations- a ‘Tikun Olam’/ Repair the World’ floral arrangement making table to be donated to local nursing homes, and a Memory Book station where guest could make their own page in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s sign in book.  The host provided polariod cameras with which to snap a photo and craft supplies to decorated the page.  The guests also were give a choice of caricature types- either color/ head and shoulders, or black and white with body/ theme so as to have enough time to accomodate all the kids, and a few adults too!  Here are photos from the event:

Signs for Tikkun Olam and Memory Book Activity Tables

Signs for Tikkun Olam and Memory Book Activity Tables

Brother of Bat Mitzvah Girl, in black and white with body/theme

Brother of Bat Mitzvah Girl, in black and white with body/theme

Bat Mitzvah girl and her caricature

Bat Mitzvah girl and her caricature

Caricature of Friends at the Bat Mitzvah

Caricature of Friends at the Bat Mitzvah

Color Caricature

Color Caricature

Double Caricature

Double Caricature

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