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Painting the Team

NYSketches painted an event mural for the team for the Pepsi/Lipton Partnership at their holiday party at Gold Bar NYC earlier this year.  I painted about 70 faces, set in their tea plantation in Africa.  Here is the final painting, which will hang in the company’s meeting room.

…and here are some photos along the way:

First stage of the painting, before faces were added

At the party...

More fun at the party!

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Spring Derby, Live Wedding Painting

Talented NYSketches painter, Kate recently painted the scene at a spring, derby themed wedding the Bent Creek Counry Club in Lancaster, PA.  Here is a photo of the completed painting, as well as photos from the beautiful wedding:

Spring Derby Wedding, Acrylic on Canvas, 36' x 48'

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Live Wedding Painting

Hot off the easel, here is a peak at a new NYSketches offering:  LIVE WEDDING PAINTINGS!  ‘A la Toulouse Lautrec, I’ll paint the night away!  I come to your wedding with easel and canvas and capture the spirit of the evening with my paintbrush.

'Summer Wedding Night', Acrylic on Canvas

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Holiday Roundup

Another holiday season has passed… and I thought I’d post some of our most colorful moments!  Here are some highlights of NYSketches artists & products this 2009-10 holiday run.


"Three Heads are Better Than One"- Artwork & photo by NYSketches artist, Alison G



A group JUMBO caricature of an entire company (about 60 folks), from start to finish



Fire Truck Airbrush T-Shirt for Employee-Family Holiday Party


Some added sweets:


Sirk Productions' John Sikes with holiday logo cookies for client gifts


And some sweet lookin’ faces:


Snow Angel Facepaint by NYSKetches Artist, Alison G



Jeweled Heart Crown by Alison G


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Passover Seder Event Mural

I worked on an event mural at a Passover Seder along with NYSketches artist, Elizabeth Hutchinson.  The client provided us with photos of 10 of their guests, and photos of past seders at their house so that I could get an idea of the event decor.  I painted the background and 10 faces before the party.  At the dinner party, Elizabeth painted the additional 15 faces, and guest really enjoyed seeing themselves on canvas!  After the party I completed the painting with final touches.  Here it is:

Dinner Party Event Mural

Dinner Party Event Mural

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‘Notable New Yorkers’ Event Mural/ Winter Greeting Card

This winter, NYSketches sent out a winter greeting card with a print of our competed Event Mural, titled ‘Notable New Yorkers.’   Here is the painting, and a who’s who identification chart:

'Notable New Yorkers' Event Mural

'Notable New Yorkers' Event Mural

Who's Who Chart

Who's Who Chart

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Event Mural at BizBash Event Style Expo

This week, NYSketches had a booth at the BizBash Event Style Show.  We showcased our services, and created an Event Mural, of notable New Yorkers.  Event attendees could have their portraits quickly painted next to their favorite celebrity.  One guest, who is known for her packaging  business, asked to be painted next to Martha Stewart.  See her with her beautifully wrapped package below.  Other celebrity New Yorkers painted in the mural:  Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen, Spike Lee, Michael Strahan, Derek Jeter, David Letterman, Howard Stern, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Jay Z, Rudy Guiliani, and Michael Bloomberg.

Attendee and her portrait next to Martha Stewart

Attendee and her portrait next to Martha Stewart

Rebecca Miller painting an Event Mural at BizBash

Rebecca Miller painting an Event Mural at BizBash

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Event Mural at Holiday Party

In August, we did an event mural for SLGreen Realty Corp. at their holiday-in-summer party.  The party was held at the Aspen Restaurant in NYC.  The mural was 6 x 4 ft, and I painted much of the mural before hand from photos of the guests at the event.  I incorporated the theme of the event into the mural in which all the guests were skiing down a mountain in Aspen.  Here are some photos of the mural in progress:

Initial pencil sketch for mural

me, painting the mural at the beginning of the party

me, painting the mural at the beginning of the party

Painting at the party, with curious onlookers

Painting at the party, with curious onlookers

Getting the guest's face down 'pat' on the canvas!

Getting the guest's face down on the canvas

Painting another guest...

Painting another guest...

The finished mural!

The finished mural!

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