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Illustrations at Fashion/ Health and Beauty Marketing Event

Today I had a great time drawing quick illustrations at a Fashion, Health and Beauty Marketing Event and product launch in NYC.  I sketched each party guest in black and white an asked them to choose the lipstick color of their choice.  I then colored in their lips with a pick from new Givenchy lip colors, and viola!  This marketing event/ product launch for press was lots of fun!  Here are some pics:


These caricature,  quick illustrations  paired with lipstick added whimsy and fun to this Fashion, Health and Beauty Marketing Event and product launch in NYC.

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Painting the Team

NYSketches painted an event mural for the team for the Pepsi/Lipton Partnership at their holiday party at Gold Bar NYC earlier this year.  I painted about 70 faces, set in their tea plantation in Africa.  Here is the final painting, which will hang in the company’s meeting room.

…and here are some photos along the way:

First stage of the painting, before faces were added

At the party...

More fun at the party!

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Sketching the Rockefeller Tree

Its officially holiday time!  NYSketches joined in on holiday cheer Tues. night at a law firm’s tree lighting ceremony party at Rockefeller center.  The party included caricatures drawn on custom pre-printed paper with an illustrated scene of the Rockefeller tree lighting, a magician for the kids, facepainting, and lots of yummy treats.  Here are pics of the sketches and facepainting:

Caricature by Alison G

Caricature by Alison G

Spiderman by Dave D

Lion by Dave D

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It is great fun when we get to sketch subjects other than just people…. NYSketches recently sketched a bunch of buildings along with their owners/managers after a meeting with a GSH, an firm who provides green energy saving solutions for properties.  We spruced up the buildings with some green lansdcaping to highlight the green theme.  Here are photos from the event:

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Wildebeests, Zebras, & Crabs, Oh My!

Forget about drawing boring ol’  human faces.   This time, NYSketches artists sketched wildebeests, zebras and crabs at a recent screening event for National Geographic’s new series, Great Migrations !  Check out episodes the National Geographic channel.  Here are photos from the event:

Artist, Alison G & her creative work!

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Body Crystals & Caricatures for Bloomingdales

NYSketches provided body crystal artists & caricature artists to several Bloomingdales locations around the Tri- State area to celebrate Bloomingdales Shopping Benefit– a multi charity event.  The body crystals artists were stationed in the Bloomingdales’ Private Label Aqua department of each store.  Here are some photos from the event:



Tattoo with Body Swarovski Body Crystals


Happy customer with lots of sparkles!


Caricature Model/ Charity Volunteer...


Shopping buddies get their caricature

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Doggie Caricatures at Dogwalk Against Cancer

This weekend, NYSketches provided two artists to draw doggie caricatures at AMNY‘s sponsored booth at the Dogwalk Against Cancer at Riverside Park in NYC.  Here are some fun pics of the cute canines:

Cassius, The Boxer

Cassius, The Boxer

Pelu & Mummy!

Pelu & Mummy!



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