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Custom Caricature Invitation for Temple President Honoree

I recently created a custom caricature invitation, commissioned by the loving daughter of a beautiful lady to be honored at President of a Temple Congregation in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For this custom illustrated invitation, the client wanted me to include the outside of the synagogue, the inside bima (alter in the sanctuary), and a something to point out that her mom would be honored as President – so I included a gavel!  Here is the final artwork.  This artwork was printed on card stock with white wove envelopes to be sent to guests.


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Its a Happy, Happy Birthday!

For the last two years, I have created whimsical bIrthday cards for a brokerage firm to send to their clients.  This year, it was a challenge coming up with new concepts that were both funny and sensitive to the current  economy. Here’s a peak at this years final artwork:

…and last year’s cards:

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Bridal Shower Invitation Artwork

This is a follow up to a previous post of artwork for a bridal client’s engagement party custom cookies and custom save the date cards …. now here’s the bridal shower invitation artwork to boot!

Caricature Bridal Shower Invitation

Caricature Bridal Shower Invitation

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