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Digital Caricatures with a Tattoo spin at Health + Beauty Marketing Event

We recently worked with a marketing event company to come up with a fun entertainment idea for their promotional event for the Describe Tattoo Removal Patch.  Together with the client, we came up with the idea of drawing digital caricatures with a choice of pre- drawn or custom tattoos to be added to their arm in the caricature!  We first drew iPad caricatures  then printed each drawing on 4 x 6 photo paper so that guests could take them as party favors.  We provided three caricature artists each who have their own drawing style.  Here are some pics from the event:



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T Mobile Sidekick Release Party

Tonight, we did caricatures on pre- printed paper with an custom digital illustration of a T-Mobile Sidekick on the paper. The guests were drawn into the ‘screen’ of the sidekick- it was cute, people liked seeing themselves drawn as a cartoon. Here’s the pre- printed artwork on which the caricatures were drawn.

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